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#422548 - As she climbed off his lap she told him “Jerk off slowly now and softly otherwise you'll cum, and then you couldn't join in the fun” he didn't touch his throbbing cock for a few moments fearing he will cum too soon. ” he said bit he couldn't go any further as she placed her hands long his hips and rubbed his groin making him sigh with pleasure” can't do what” she interjected “Okay. Dawn licked the precum off of Jacob's dick and rose up, she glided over his cock and slide on it forcing it down but it was so hard it would go past his thighs and the lips of her pussy rubbed against it, he moaned more as he was soon to ejaculate, she dived towards his face and kissed him shoving her tongue into his mouth, he embraced her and moved his tongue along hers, as they did this she spit his precum into his own mouth, it tasted salty to Jacob, he didn't realize what it was until their mouths parted.

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