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#108167 - fetcher in the window i stopped thinking about it and went to sleep soon after I went to sleep I felt something on my thigh I opened my eyes to see Mr. fetcher I saw Mr. fletcher liked me at the end of class he handed back our homework when he gave me mine I looked at it and I got an F so I put a seductive smile on my face and asked him to change my grade he looked up at my tits and said “ well okay but just this once” he was a horrible lair I left the class room to see my best friend her name was Kim she’s 17 and a really sexy bitch she had 34D Brest she was 5”6 with long black hair and a nice ass I asked her could she come to my house she said yes and we left and on our way to my house Mr.

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Well 2 minutes is pretty good right
Watched again to learn what gets you off love the contractions