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#364210 - When the hotdogs heared what had been done to them they were not happy so they sent their armies to the pimpelf world to eat them back as revenge but when they got there all there was were flat pimpelves and pimpelf houses and they started to lick the blood while they cried because they didnt get to eat them while they were alive and dead pimpelf tastes bad they thought probably but nobody wanted to try because ew thats gross. Steve Pimpelves secretary brought him a hotdog like she did when he asked and he had asked her to bring him a hotdog so she did and he ate it like she always ate his dick and like his wife was now eating his dick under the desk but the secretary thought something was weird so she picked up the desk and was like OH NO! Steve ate his hotdog and his wife divorced him for cheating and then the foot stepped on their house and they died. His man pecks were now a pair of supple perfect big boobs with perfect suckable nipples pierced with rings and his abs were now not

Read Off Lakshmi Bai, Goblin no Mure to Tatakau - Fate grand order Food Lakshmi Bai, Goblin no Mure to Tatakau

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