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#275766 - fetcher I saw Mr. fetcher herd this he stopped and stood up and said “so you enjoyed that” he laughed and said knew you would he asked me did I want him to continued I looked away in shame knowing I did he laughed so you do want this I didn’t answer so he said well if you do ask me to continue I wisped yes louder he said yes I said a little bit louder “I can’t here you” YES! Please continue to lick my pussy good girl he said and began licking again I couldn’t help but moan I felt the pressure build up inside me I knew I was about to come he keep licking furiously then I started to shake and trembled loving the pleasure that I was feeling he stood up and said it’s time “time for what” as I realized what he was talking about i told him he couldn’t that I was saving my virginity for someone special “I’m special” he said with a smile he pulled me to the end of the bed I covered my pussy in some attempt to keep him out I was begging him not to do it but all it did was push him further on h

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Aki yamato
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