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#405009 - The dress, if you could call it that was Black and almost see through to start with and then she saw it was split up the side high to the waist, then there was the underwear, a bra that would barely hold her 40E breasts and a pair of panties that was more like 2 small triangles of material connected by a piece of string, the shoes were no better the heels must have been 6 or 7 inches and Sally wondered if she could even walk in them. Finally she remembered giving in and was shocked when Mike said his boss had sent over the outfit for her to wear, looking at it she almost laughed thinking Mike was joking but seeing his worried face she realised it was really what she was expected to wear. Not satisfied with pulling her breasts out of the bra he ripped it off her as well.

Read Fresh Songen Kankin Baby | 用尊嚴換取金錢的女人 - Original Cruising Songen Kankin Baby | 用尊嚴換取金錢的女人

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