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#75558 - Closer and closer the old woman came, causing Paige to feel that she might actually have a panic attack right there on La Salle Street! When they were but inches apart, the old woman whispered in a husky voice, You are one of us now, in due course you will understand your place! Incubus!!!! Just as quickly as she had appeared, the old woman was shuffling off down the street, glancing back at Paige, again causing her to shiver at the mere sight of the old woman's face. In a city the size of Chicago, this was not an uncommon event, so Paige hardly paid any attention to her as she moved haltingly through the rush hour crowd. Her breathing became shallow as her body responded to the excitement that coursed through her!!! While she had never had any problem cumming, her body was now an instrument of sexual desire! She could feel this tremendous orgasm welling up inside of her, no human being had ever made her feel so female! What ever was causing her to cum, was also making her fee

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