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#256502 - i walked upto my sterio and pressed play laughing i said no your not i think i over done it a little because harvey said if you dont turn that fucking music off im going to cut the cord realising id over done it i walked to the bed and got under the covers give me a hug you hong over old git harvey reached over and hugged me i put him on my chest and started strocking his hair i said its your turn to sleep on my chest for once babe harvey hugged me with one hand and went to sleep again my mom resepected my privacy so she knocks every time she wants to come in my room. laying me on my bed he said you want me so bad i closed my eyes and let harvey start undressing me we was just getting into it harvey had me down to my boxers when mom walked and seen what was happening she turned away walked out on her way out she said im sorry i should have knocked killing the mood i put my clothes on to go talk to my mom.

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