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#219419 - Lisa and Willie get back into bed Willie lays on his back with his 12inch cock fully hard Lisa slowly licks the tip of Willie’s cock making him shudder in pleasure, slowly Lisa takes 4 inches inside her mouth Willie: Och Lisa that feels as wonderful as last night, Lisa pulls off briefly Lisa: Yes it feels just as big as it did last night Lisa sucks another 4 inches into her mouth now she has 8 inches of Willie’s 12 inch cock Lisa: Moans into Willie’s cock sending a shiver down his spine Willie: Och Lisa where did you learn to do that Lisa slips his cock out of her mouth Lisa: I didn’t learn it I just thought I would try it, I see you like it! Willie: Och Aye Lisa very much so Lisa goes back to sucking Willie’s cock and soon has all 12 inches deep down her throat as she moans again and again sending more shivers down Willie’s spine Willie: If you keep that up Lisa I will come again soon Lisa nods her head and continues to moan. A few hours Later Willie awakens sti

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Kanba takakura
Yea bruv i haven t seen her in awhile imma definitely make a hentai of her taking dick once we get back in touch