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#384473 - I begin fucking her long and hard and she is not bad her pussy is tight around my dick I tell her that if she cums without permission I will whip her I look back and I see that Danny is teaching Billy how to lick pussy when Sonya cums again I let lose on the girl and I follow her I pinch her nipple and tell her to cum and her muscles lock onto my dick so hard I think she might break it she is convulsing as I cum into her. I tell her that from now on she will be locked down here until she has the baby the doctor will come and see her once a month to make sure that the baby is alright and that if anything happens to him she will be killed slow and painful she puts her hand on her stomach and says that she loves her baby I look at Rob who looks like he could kill this bitch right now. When I hang up Rob tells me that he wants this bitch out of our house and I ask him about the baby and he says that he wants it, so we must lock her up for the next 3 months and that she will pay I am so m

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