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#135113 - Ann Carroll tapped hr foot impatiently and said evenly, Hurry it up, we don't have all day, I have a ton of papers to grade tonight! With her face red from embarrassment Cheryl shrugged her shoulders allowing her blouse to slip from her shoulders! Ann was completely unprepared for what came into view! It was obvious from her outward appearance that she was large busted, but underneath the loose fitting blouse was a simply massive chest that over filled the poor fitting bra! S-see what I mean? she said in barely a whisper. Say what you have to say, it can't be that bad! With her head bowed Cheryl offered softly, I-it's my chest, the other girls tease me about how I look like cow! After taking a moment to let what the eighteen year old had just said Ann asked, And that's it, you're crying because the other girls tease you about the size of your breasts? Come now, child, you have to be tougher than that! T-that's not all, Miss Carroll, Cheryl s

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Maria takayama
Now that is one fine furry snatch at the junction of those lovely long legs