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#54719 - By the early morning we had just about emptied every ball in the house, even the dogs now lay sleeping, as a few guys took turns to finnish us off, Joy had shown them our fun with the strap on, with us both fucking the other fully using all our toys. Joy was still moaning as I saw his balls begin to jerk, then as his nostrils flared he flooded her ass with his horse cum, gallons of hot sticky fluid would be finding its way into her belly, as her orgasm sent her into a wild trashing moton on the bench. The straps holding, were undone, seeing as I couldn't move any way, so I grabbed the amyl and took some huge sniff's and pushed back, now my mind was right into this horses cock fucking me, a sharp pain raced though my anus as what felt like a base ball bat was rammed deeper than ever, more amyl and the pain left me, another orgasm changed the feeling to total bliss.

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