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#176582 - My little Sister was saying to Daddy, “Oh Daddy will you Fuck me more and more, as I am enjoying that Big Cock of yours Fucking my now BIG CUNT” He replied, “Emma my Darling Daughter, yes you are really a Great Fuck but you have your Mummy who will want to Fuck you with her Strap-On Dildo and when you get a taste of her Dildo you will be in her Bed more than me. Then Emma said to Daddy, look Daddy, can I be your extra Slut, Yes my darling little Daughter, Daddy said, now go into the house and go Mummies cupboard, and you will find two parcels, and bring them back to me and I will show you what I want you to do with them. Then we all decided to go into Daddies King Size bed and there we were with lovely Nude daddy with his two Nude little Daughters on either side of him, then he told us to rub our Cunts over him, while he played with his Cock.

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