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#209734 - “Can you believe the balls on that woman?” Jesus said angrily as he gave the valet his ticket, “Calling me a narcissist, when she makes people like you and I literally go through hell just to prove our devotion to her?” “She’s a good woman, she’s our holy-” “Don’t make excuses for her,” Jesus said as his Ferrari pulled up, “she uses people for entertainment, and then casts them aside when she’s bored with them. The muscles in God’s neck continued to flex for a moment, and then relaxed in acceptance. You fucking party, Rachel!” I stared at Jesus, dumfounded and mortified that he knew all of this.

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Saki hyuuga
Your show off game is on point beautiful vid i liked it a lot
Touko matsudaira
Threesome gets me off quick thanks for sharing
Hajime ichinose
4 759 210 to be exact
Giving or taking
God bless this woman she can probably teach a class on giving head
Asuka katou