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#270041 - faster She brings you to a climax and laps up your juices She inserts a finger into your tight cunt, then another She pumps her fingers in and out as she sucks on your clit You play with your erect nipples, moaning She stops and comes back up to kiss you, you taste your juices on her lips You roll so she's beneath you and undress her You go between her legs and suck on her clit, while fucking her cunt with two of your fingers You go so fast your arm burns and she cums You drink her juices She reaches into her bag and pulls out a vibrator, switching it on to it's fastest speed, she buries it in your pussy Moaning and rubbing your tits, as she pushes it in further before pulling it out and rubbing it over your clit You take it off of her, lick it clean and burry it in her cunt You rub her clit while slowly moving the vibrator in and out She screams your name in ecstasy She buries her hand in your hair and pushes your mouth to her clit, taking the hint you

Read Eating Drill na Wakadaishou - Final fantasy vii Loira Drill na Wakadaishou

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