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#10606 - Rod grabbed my pussy and pushed his finger between my lips and grinned, I wacked him one as he walked over to Peter and ran his finger across his top lip “here, that should help you take care of it” he laughed. They sat me down and put their arms around me “you’ll catch your death of cold over there” said Brett as he laid his hand on the inside of my leg just above my knee, Shamus did the same. I came as it touched bottom and must have gasped out loud and stopped the pretend struggling, I started to push back urging Harry to fuck me, Rod chortled and slid out from under me then slid his rock hard cock into my mouth “here bitch, taste all the cocks that have just fucked your loose slutty pussy” “you love it don’t you bitch!” “You want more don’t you” “Well from now on when ever one of the boys want to fuck you they will … you got that!” Rod hate fucked my mouth as Harry pounded that big cock deep inside me, I realised that I loved being used so I just let my self go and held

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Mitsuki koyama
Would love to see you do a scene with manuel ferrara or jean valjean would be so hot
Sword maiden
That beat is sick tho