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#164497 - So I lean in close to her ear and whisper so it barely audible get undressed whore NOW, as she does she looks at me with hate as I look into her eyes I decide something, she need to be broken and the person who should do it is you, so I walk over to you and I say break her the same way I broke you kitty, you hesitate and immediately knew you shouldn’t have, THAWK your eyes go wide as it meets your pussy lips, I know you’re going to do it and I give you a chair to sit on, I tell you 20 on each cheek to start, as she bends over you she looks at you pleadingly but you know you can’t stop, but as you hand meets her ass I hear it owww so I signal for you to stop and the you see it for the first time, the whip, its long about two feet and black as night, as it comes across her ass I yell at her no noises whore, I tell you to continue, as you finish I stand her up and I give her a kiss, she doesn’t resist, she actually kiss back so I tell you you’re done and I give you a deep kiss sayin

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