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#293595 - I covered her with my body, kissed her hungrily and as our tongues fondled each others, I centered my dick in the opening her hot wet hole. Monday morning came, I was still lying in my bed about half asleep when Amy, sweet sexy 13 year old Amy came in undressed and leaned over to take my morning hardness into her hot little mouth, sliding her lips up and down my shaft. “Thank you Bill that was wonderful I feel stuffed and a tad sore but so damn great, do you do you think we can do it again soon?” “Yes it was good wasn’t it your welcome and thank you huh yeah we can but I can’t right now give me a few minutes will ya?” Amy hearing Sandy spoke up “Sandy you little slut you want more after want you just had God girl give me a break and give him a break he looks like he needs one, beside its Linda and My turns next.

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