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#32745 - National election were here and nearly over, results were expected in less than an hour but Junko was confident of the fate of her new party. 'Tonight we have turned on a mighty fountain of superior white cum' Junko began, orgasmic sounding and actually orgasmic shrieks came in response 'every woman will be free to bathe in or pump herself as full as she chooses' more excitement and the wonderful smell of her followers arousal rolling over her in intoxicating waves. Projections had it that when all votes had been counted her feminists would hold 74% of seats, a greater victory even than the one expected.

Read Dominate Fukafuka Kyousei Event - Amagami Couch Fukafuka Kyousei Event

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Benben tsukumo
The name is ashley dark
Tsuruno yui
Omg the eyes i cant get out