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#263773 - Diane at some point had moved over to sit beside me and although Nadia was right beside me she would lean in close often to ask a question or make a flirtatious joke, the scent of her perfume and her intense blue eyed stare filled my head with thoughts of tasting her lips and running my hands over her small firm breasts, breasts that she made sure to rub against my arm each time she leaned in to talk to me. As time passed and alcohol flowed freely the atmosphere became very relaxed, Diane continued to entice me with her sweet-lipped smile and as my cock started to stiffen, Nadia began to kiss my ear and whisper to me about how we should sneak off to the car so she could swallow my cock. Diane’s apartment was in a very modern high-rise; she had lived here with Amanda for as long as my mother had known her.

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