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#131955 - “I suppose I am,” he confessed, “I suppose we could just pretend?” “Really,” Sabrina replied, “I’m a virgin you idiot, it’s not exactly rocket science for them to tell. “Nnnnngghhhh!” Sabrina tried to shout. “Oh my god, surely not?” Sabrina sighed, “Hugo your father will be fucking my backside as soon as you leave, then Jarvis will spread me with his giant black cock and they will force plugs up my bum and up,” Sabrina protested, “Hugo, are you listening?” Hugo looked up sheepishly, “I’m afraid when you talked dirty,” he said, “It got hard again,” and he showed Sabrina his rock hard cock still coated with her juices, “Perhaps I could, you know, instead of Father?” The door opened, “No Hugo,” Miss Price cautioned, “Just pop it back in Sabrina’s vagina for a moment, your father is looking forward to enjoying Sabrina’s anal delights.

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