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#121744 - Austin Drake was in trouble and he knew it!!! He frantically wove his way through rush hour traffic, but the digital clock on the instrument panel of his car told the story, it was already twenty minutes past his curfew of six o'clock and his heart raced at the prospect of getting home late!!! He literally ran from the garage through the kitchen into the living room expecting to find Ariella waiting for him with a leather whip, but instead, he found her lolling comfortably on the plush sofa with a handsome black man, while gently caressing his incredibly large erection in her small hands!!! W-what's going on here, he stammered while finding it imposible to take his eyes off the big prick in his wife's hands!?! Completely ignoring is question, in a hard even voice Ariella asked, And just where have you been, if I recall you are to be home by six, and if I'm not mistaken you're nearly a half hour late!!! I'm sorry, dear, he replied contritely, but you

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