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#170998 - When we got too Jakes he was waiting by the door, l kissed my master and got from the car Jake opened the door and showed me to a chair in his shop, l was quite excited at having my hair styled as it was another step to me being a better sissy. As Jake leant me back in the chair and began washing my hair l closed my eyes, l had never realised how soft his hands were before, l had snogged him and he had a quick feel of my bum through my skirt but we had never fucked. I went to my room got the key and went to his room where he was sitting on the bed, l knelt in front of him and began pleading, l will do anything, l didn’t mind if he wanted Shirley he could use me in other ways, l’ll do anything, l ran my hand up his leg to take hold of his cock, Shirley walked in and sat next to Jeremy, he belittled me by telling her l will do anything if he keeps me, the bitch smiled and repeated ‘oh, anything’ then declared that if she told me to go to the flat opposite naked and piss over the wom

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Fuck she s nice
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