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#390976 - The horns were filled out the wings nearly touching the ceiling and folded back into his face becoming clearer and began to steam up the room and in an instant it so thickly steaming fog no one could see anyone!! My wife really loudly crying out as she squealed out the steam was burning her eyes as he replied something soon my precious little sacrifice shall be burning even better than your eyes as a loud gasping scream came from her a total and complete scream to him not to take her!! As his laugh made the whole damn room shake!! We could hear clearly the sacrifice table and my wife bumped up and down on all four legs my wife's crying pleas were broken and stuttering as she was really pleading oh please oh please stopppp th the bed from bo booo bouncing!! Now the room seemed to defog first just seeing glimpses of him through it and my wife bouncing about in front of him and then it began to get clearer and clearer my wife the sacrifice table stopped bouncing!!

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Great hentai
Damn you are naughty