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#231250 - An hour later Ingersoll Coolidge was taking the elevator to room 1113 in a downtown Washington hotel. Senator Coolidge sat down in a big easy chair and enjoyed the show, especially when the young man got down to his bikini briefs that showed the outline of a huge cock in a semi hard state! I saw you on TV today, sir, Bobby offered, as he slowly tugged on his tight fitting shorts, from what you were saying you must think I'm a terrible sinner!!! The senator chuckled and replied, Simply a speech for the people back home my boy, you are anything but a sinner, and he involuntarily groaned out loud as Bobby's eleven inches popped free into the air!!! My god, Ingersoll moaned, I can never believe how big and hard it is, tell me again, how big is it!?! Bobby looked down at his massive thickness and replied, Why senator, you know very well how big it is, eleven inches, and eight inches around, just the right size for your asshole!!! My mouth first, though, Ingersoll be

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