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#310887 - All I have ever wanted was to see her really enjoy herself! Both women seem to want more, but Catherine is reacting as if she is some sort of nymphomaniac that just can't seem to get enough apparently this stimulant is pushing her to the edge! Kate is again moaning, and moaning so loud that the sounds of both are echoing through out the walls of this Gothic medieval stone replica of the dungeon! Things are coming to a head the old term gang bang is, and the meaning of it is running its course. The fact that she had accompanied Kate to this kinky sexual liaison with this black gentleman stud was proof that she not only had some care and concern, but also an interest in Kate's well being! The big black guy that Kate is impaled on was still holding her wrists, guiding, and bending Kate over towards Catherine's cum filled pussy that was now dripping gobs of thick cum on the floor! For Kate this very dark red and abused pubic area along with Catherine's gigan

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