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#290425 - Laura and Janice were enjoying their foursome, I noticed seven young heads watching our every movement, I alerted the girls, but they said their daughters had to learn about sex sometime, I was a little beside myself, but I could not even get out of bed by myself so what could I do. Then she would climb on top and bury my “post’ deep inside her, she seemed to love every little movement, I even managed to get my fingers around the area of her clit, and she would then gush all over me with her juices, I loved it, my daughter and I had all taken sex to new heights, to the point where although I seemed to climax a lot, semen did not flow every time, but the climax’s were off the planet for both of us, defiantly a change from when this new turn in life began some four years ago. This little one then changed positions trying to get my cock into her tiny pussy, she managed to get a bit of my head in but that was it, I exploded again, if this kept up I was going to have a heart attack,

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