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#225900 - I was about to settle down to enjoy the show when Jerry came in and said that Amanda needed me upstairs, “needed me” I thought that’s a first, so I tossed big blue and the tube of KY gel onto the chair and went up to see what Amanda wanted, as I entered the room there Amanda was on the bed between Paul and Alan who had now more or less recovered from their earlier exertions she had a cock in each hand and was working them back to firmness, in return their hands were on her tits and ass pulling and prodding working her pussy with their thick fingers, “come here babe and lie on the bed, On your back babe, with your head at the foot of the bed” so I lay on the bed on my back with my head at the foot of the bed from experience I knew it was pointless to ask why, when I had got comfortable she swung herself around and hooked her legs under my arms and lowered her hot pussy onto my face, I knew what was required so began to lick the length of her slit and gently sucked on her clit, Paul and

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