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#84406 - After they were both seated, Blair glanced through Nancy's file and began, I'm sorry to say that you are three months behind in your car payment, unfortunately it looks like we're going to have to repossess unless we get at least half payment this week. 00 dollars right here on the desk, what would you do to get it!?! Nancy had by now quit crying and for the first time sensed that there might be a way out her problem. As she checked her out, Blair nodded head and murmured, Very nice, very nice indeed! When she again was directly in front of her, Blair, eyeing the two pretty breasts and their hard pink nipples, asked softly, May I touch them please?!? Nancy didn't even have to answer, she just took a deep breath that made her chest jut out even farther, a direct invitation that her chest needed some manual attention! Nancy had never had another woman touch her in a sexual way, but it was a revelation to find out that she loved the soft caress of another woma

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