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#181847 - I turn round and look at u and u smile but I don’t punish you I simply walk away and lay on the bed where I reach down and rub my clit and you are dying to help and you pounce on the bed I land with my head in between ur legs and I watch closely as you rub ureself of suddenly stick my tongue into you pink glistening pussy and I hear you let out a loud moan. You start to suck on my cock again taking as much as you can into your mouth you wrap ur lips around my cock and u slide up my hard cock with lips still wrapped round it I can see how much ur enjoying it and I know ur getting to the point of no return so I play ur little game and as I pull away I stand up and u look at me I walk over to the stereo and switch it on and begin to lap dance for u as I take off my sexy undies and watch u squirm I sit there staring and watching you trying so hard not to touch your ass but I cant resist any longer and I squeeze ur hot ass. the faster I go the fast u go and already ur sending me sky high

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