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#69697 - Melissa does the UAE ,P2 (A taste of group sex) It’s been a week since that encounter with my husband’s lover Ahmed in the city of Abu Dhabi in UAE , but two days earlier than that , Ahmed gave me a call that he’ll be seeing me the next week due to his business commitments in the other UAE states , I’m really craving into some action as my husband Sam and I never treated each other as husband and wife anymore whenever he is the house, we slept on different rooms ( he took the master bedroom , although he offered it to me but I refuse ) , Sam also seldom slept in our flat as he spends more of his time with his friends or other lovers for that thought , so I thought I need an outlet to keep me in flow , I need a cock for that matter so I thought of places to pick up guys , I decide I’ll try the disco club again so I did went back , this time I met two Filipinas , Carol and Tina , 26 and 24 respectively , both were drinking with other nationals on one table, they invited me afte

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Yuno gasai
You re so beautiful
You move like no one in the industry your body is just insane