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#261912 - “But he looks like he want more” She said sweetly wrapping her soft warm fingers around him and licked the head. She sensed my slight discomfort and raised up off me, holding my spike in her soft hand, threw a leg over my waist guiding my manhood to her wet little girl snatch, placing the cockhead just inside her, removing her hand and dropped her hips, driving me into her tight body, filling her love tunnel with the steel pole that was my dick, all seven and a half and then some of my man flesh imbedded into her heated flesh. Back and forth she grinded herself onto me as her cannel heated up, hotter and hotter she was and then with a sudden spasm deep inside her, she came flooding her inners with that sweet hot juice trying to douse the flames in her hot little cunt, coating my dick, my balls, my stomach, and ever thing else around.

Read Hoe Kougyaku Shigan Ure Shiri Onna Kyoushi - Original Vergon Kougyaku Shigan Ure Shiri Onna Kyoushi

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