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#108535 - Directed to a spare bedroom, Mark was fast asleep on the bed before Scott returned with a blanket and pillow. Salina didn't know where, she didn't care, the ball of erotic sexual pleasure had built to such a point within her, she felt that she was about to explode into a million pieces, arching her back as she felt the first waves of an orgasm began to wash across her, she reached for her bare breasts, taking one in each hand, squeezing, pulling on her nipples as hard as she could, I'm CUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNG, CCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG, OH GOD AAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNN she came with such wild abandon, she came like never before, wave after wave, she lost how many times she orgasmed, as each orgasm built to a crescendo greater than the one before, as waves caressing the shore, all this only encouraged Darren to finger fuck this gorgeous woman harder and faster than anyone thought possible, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. Thank you, that's why I love you so much

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