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#280580 - Emma, tired of waiting for a yes or no, walked up to JJ, reaching for his crotch, unzipping his flies and pulling his cock out, both of them were paralized with shock to stop her and by the time Katlin snapped back into reality, Emma had slipped the head of his cock into her mouth and gave it the first suck, followed by a groan from the lips of JJ, Emma pulled it out looking up at JJ, its so big, as she went to put it back in her mouth, Katlin stopped her and pulled her to her feet, hey what the fuck do you think your doing, thats my boyfriend, what makes you think you can come here and take him away from me?, with that Emma smiled at walked up to her cupping her pussy and squezzing, baby, i am not taking him anywhere i will not be taking you. Please Andrew stop, im sorry, Andrew ponced an her like a cat pulling her inside leaving his bitch tied spread eagled on his bed, you bitch, who do you think you are spying on me, Katlin panicked and looked around her, with his do

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