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#27394 - To my surprise he had no pubic hair at all, fully shaved all the way down his balls, his dick must have been 7 inch and fat too, it looked pretty much the same as mine in shape and thickness. I must have been wanking for 10 minutes when all of a sudden he started to move, luckily all he did was shuffle abit and put one hand down his pants, which got me going abit more. I kept sucking, by now I was really into it, circling round the head while wanking his dick with one hand, then taking the whole thing in, almost swallowing it, I started sucking harder and faster all the way down to his balls and back up, over and over then he inhaled hard and shot a huge wad of cum in the back of my throat, I sucked deeper making sure to get his whole dick in there, he shot again, thick cum in my throat, I had to swallow a couple of times to keep it down, he soon stopped shooting and I pulled my head back releasing his dick, I licked all the cum off and put his dick back in his pants.

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