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#282445 - His thumb massages around my puckered hole, I hesitate sucking the other guy’s knob, I have never had anyone touch my arse before! Feeling my hesitation the Fat Controller pushes my head down on to his cock again and starts to buck deep into my throat, I feel the other guy’s finger or thumb put pressure on my hole until my muscles let his digit in. It isn’t large in girth but it is quite long, he is slowly wanking his cock, the head bulbous, purple, glistening with precum bubbling at the tip. I am halted in my tracks as I near my special seat, there is an old man sitting in it, he has his cock in his hand stroking its thick stubby length as he watches the shock on my face, I have never seen him before!! The Fat Controller is right behind me and pushes me forward to sit next to the man, he slides in close next to me on the other side.

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Love that smile at the end