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#288360 - I have little definite information upon what the libertine took it into his head to do in the midst of those seven persons, but his absence was prolonged and he was heard to shout: Come, damn it, turn this way, do you hear? But that's not what I told you to do and other ill-humored remarks interspersed with oaths to which he was known to be greatly addicted while enacting scenes of debauchery; the women finally returned, their faces very red, their hair very untidy, and with the air of having been furiously mauled and pawed in every sense. The axe was raised, the axe was brought down, 'twas the instant he discharged: Ah, gentle Jesus! he'd say, double-fucked Christ! How I'd like to be the executioner myself, and how much better than that I'd swing the blade! Moreover, his pleasures' impressions would be measured by the method of execution, a hanging produced in him little more than an exceedingly mild sensation, a man being broken on the wheel th

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