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#347998 - He said ‘Hi, my names Roger’ ‘Hi I’m Sarah’ ‘And you are a virgin’ ‘Yes very much so, I’ve never even kissed a man’ ‘Mmm that’s good, I have an affliction of sorts you see, and I can only get real pleasure from taking someone’s virginity’ ‘Oh’ I said ‘What difference does it make’ ‘Well Sarah, as you know, I am sure, I have to break through your hymen, which hurts a little and also makes you bleed’ ‘Oh yes of course, I new that’ I said lying ! ‘Sarah sweetheart, can I ask you how old you are ?’ I didn’t want to let on straight away as I knew he would close down… ‘Well I’m underage and very inexperienced’ then he really shocked me… ‘Oh Sarah you are giving me such an erection, I’m holding my cock in my hand, are you masturbating? Is you pussy bare’ with out thinking I replied ‘Yes its quite bare and my breasts have only just started growing’ now I was imagining him holding his cock and wondering what it looked like, ‘what is your cock like?’ ‘It’s very large Sarah it’s a

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