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#19406 - , but he was cut off when she said cryptically, Now Jimmy, don't be like may asshole husband and leave me hanging in the lurch, you gotta do me, and do me now!!! Just being compared to President Boyle was enough to make him want to throw up, so throwing caution to the winds, he helped Mrs. Boyle, you can't lay there like this, get to your feet and we'll talk about it, Jim pleaded! Okay Jimmy, she slurred, talk to me then, tell what a great man my husband is and why I'm sooooooo lucky to be married to him!!! After Jim finally got her into an easy chair over by the desk and away from the liquor cabinet, it was then he broke a cardinal rule of the Service, Never Ever Bad Mouth Any Member Of The First Family!!! He was seething inside that his president would treat such a fine lady in such a shabby disgraceful fashion, and he just blurted out, No ma'am, I'm not going to say that, he's not worthy of your company let alone your bed, and if I had my

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