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#204906 - Well I was dumbfounded, if only she knew that there was nothing I would have wanted more in the world than what she just asked! But fearing being jailed as a paedophile, I protested that I couldn’t POSSIBLY do such a thing. The spasms in her cunt-walls were more than enough to ensure that I couldn’t resist the inevitable orgasm as well, and I duly sprayed my hot sticky wads right up inside her, I have never had such an intense orgasm - but under the circumstances I suppose its hardly surprising! The moment she had finished fucking herself on me, she just got stright up so she was standing astride me, and holding the leg of her short to the side still, I saw her stomach muscles clench, and she literally spat out the mixture of juices and her virgin blood from her pussy all over me. She reached down and reclaimed her top from my mouth, pulled it back over her head, and scampered down the stairs and out of the front door! I lay there in total shock for a few minutes, then my dick


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