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#369085 - I must have drifted off, as the next thing I knew was Jan sucking my cock, no way could I get hard again yet, but boy was it nice, I moved her over so I could eat her pussy again, I tasted my cum in her, at first she pulled away, then I held her firm and told her to push my cum out, she did, then another orgasm hit her, and she quirted a small amount this time, but it shot over my face, she started to apologize, I told her not to worry, I love it all. Not being one to miss a chance, I stood talking to her as she finished her shower, her tits swayed nicely as she washed her hair, her shaved pussy looked great, not to big, but nice lips, my mind awash with dirty thoughts. The next week the same thing, I knocked on the door, but this time she held the towel in front of her, after letting me in, she turned bare ass and walked back to the shower, the towel over her arm, I knew then she wasn’t shy.

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